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Important notice

We are following the government’s recommendations closely, monitoring the on-going situation and have implemented several safety measures.

You can read all the national guidelines here.

What Happened

Located in what used to be “Crossainten” that has been serving croissants, coffee and sandwiches for ages, we thought it was about time the old beauty got a makeover, so we began renovating the old shop.

But what to do besides renovating, the name and what we thought the shop has become, was close yet so far away, still doing croissant but focusing on sandwiches, we thought it was time for a new beginning.


Why not good quality?

We strive to provide our guests with the best experience possible and to do that, we need to have the best products. So we have found some local suppliers that we think can do that for us, getting meat from the best butcher, the best fishmonger or the best supplier for what we need.

Believing the local business would alway be better suited to be suppliers for us.

Why not go green?

The environment is important and plays a role in a healthy living and existence on the planet. We find it important to do what you can and what makes sense to do.

We have debated a lot if we should go for any organic or eco branding, but we found it hard to do so, not because of the cost, but more of the fact that transporting organic food across Europe may give us the brand, we do not think it is the right way nor sustainable.

So we told ourselves that we would do as much local as possible and what makes sense for us, the same goes for packaging, we try to find the best sustainable products that we can.

Why not us?

The best part of a local business for us is the familiarity with our guests. We want everyone to feel welcomed and greeted with a smile. Striving to provide the best service, we also want to be able to accommodate.